August 2014

photograph by Kessia Reyne Bennett. All rights reserved.
30 Aug 2014, in Theology

The Secret Things

We shouldn’t mix up God’s revelation with our human speculation. When we do, we get into trouble, tripping over obstacles we’ve invented…

29 Aug 2014, in Culture

Culture Clash: Playtime with the Devil

I’m sure you’re heard the expression, “in but not of the world.” Does verse mean that, as some movements throughout history have done, we have to move away from all civilization into remote areas as a way to separate ourselves from those things we consider sinful?

28 Aug 2014, in Life

When Gay Doesn’t Mean Happy

When we think someone is sinning, we often feel compelled to comment. We can change them. We can help them. They just don’t fully realize the extent of their actions. They haven’t tried hard enough to change their stripes. They haven’t asked the right questions to get help. They haven’t read the right books to understand their own waywardness.

26 Aug 2014, in Culture

The Laodiceans of Baseball

There was a pitching duel of Cy Young candidates, diving catches in the out field, even a home run. But despite all the spectacular plays taking place on the field, there was something missing.

23 Aug 2014, in Theology

Do You Qualify for Salvation? Part 3

God never leaves us the same. He never leaves us broken. He never leaves us enslaved. He never leaves us addicted. And while he doesn’t always deliver overnight, the promise of salvation is not only a new life in heaven but a new life here. A life that is characterized by radical love and other-centeredness.

21 Aug 2014, in Life

What Motivates You?

It is still ingrained in my mind. “FAT. FAT. FAT. FAT.” Their voices literally echoed as they drove slowly beside me alongside the street as I walked home from school.

Living in the Real World
20 Aug 2014, in Culture

Living in the Real World

In the real world, we have no guarantee we are right.  We do ourselves a disservice when we go into anything believing we have it all figured out and that we need to show everyone else how right we are.

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