September 2014

30 Sep 2014, in Culture

Culture Clash: Morphin Time

Every culture has Sacred Cows that need to be addressed. Yet, as the saying goes, “Sacred cows make great burgers!” Engaging in culture and being able to evaluate it for the good and the bad is what I hope you will learn as we journey together.

23 Sep 2014, in Life

Us vs. Them

If your focus of a relationship is to be happy, you will fail. If your focus of a relationship is to be holy, you will be happy.

17 Sep 2014, in Culture

The Easterlings, ISIS, Elders, and the Son of Gondor

We easily forget that Jesus hung out with and helped heal Pharisees, even though He very much disagreed with many of their beliefs and actions. We like to remember the stories where he put them in their places – in the temple, when they were judging Mary’s gift of perfume, when they were trying to stone the woman caught in adultery. We forget that Jesus loved them.

15 Sep 2014, in Life

A Person of Quality

If you want a person of quality and substance in your life, then you have to be willing to also be a person of quality and substance in your own life.

09 Sep 2014, in Culture

Franchise vs. Kingdom

When we allow ourselves to think we only represent ourselves, I think we make a great mistake. We represent our God in the way we work, socialize, and especially in our treatment of other people.

04 Sep 2014, in Life

A Spanish Soap Opera

The opposite of sexual sin is not abstinence; it is holiness. You can still be abstinent and be lustful. The point here is not just eliminating the physical problem and that’s it, no, there has to be heart and mind change, a paradigm shift.

03 Sep 2014, in Culture

Good Day?

If we come to the conclusion that the things we don’t agree with are of the Devil, does that mean that all of what we agree with is of God? If so, how have we not deified our own opinions?