October 2014

Taken by Beatrice Murch (blmurch)
22 Oct 2014, in Culture

Commitment and Connection

“Meaningful relationships require presence and undivided attention. This is something that I’m finding more of a struggle to commit to as I become more “connected” to different forms of social media”

Devon Still
07 Oct 2014, in Culture

3 Things Going Right in the NFL

Recent news in sports have put a damper on the games we all love and enjoy, but there is a whole lot of good going on in the sports world that is not getting the same front page headlines that domestic violence charges are.

01 Oct 2014, in Culture

Of Separation and Censorship

We can empower our youth with tools of genuine discernment which go deeper than the over simplistic question of asking “Is this good for me to be watching or not?

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