January 2015

30 Jan 2015, in Adventism, Culture

Christianity Today and Adventist Separatism

Recently I was at work checking my Facebook page. Obviously it’s important that I see whatever may be posted as quickly as possible. So I scrolled through the pictures of their vacation, of her best duck-face, and of his new motorcycle. Suddenly, something caught my...
28 Jan 2015, in Ministry, Theology

For Such a Time as This

Imagine that you are a soldier crawling through the underbrush, trying your best to stay alive. It’s the Civil War, and you are right on the edge of a brutal battle. You’re crouching alone in the mud behind a large, rotting log, when through the...
22 Jan 2015, in Culture, Values


“I’m starved!”  My stomach had begun to consume itself in a desperate bid for survival.  My band mate looked over at me and grinned.  “Me too!” she said.  “Where should we hit?”  The vermillion McMenamins sign beckoned to us from its perch above I205.  We...
20 Jan 2015, in Activism, Culture

I Have a Dream…Realized!

Become an activist building up the Kingdom of God! In your actions draw your brothers and sisters and family and friends (both real and spiritual) together. Think about how you can speak out about injustices while simultaneously building relationships even with your enemies.

15 Jan 2015, in Church, Life

The Self-Murdering Church

Epilogue Note: I wrote this first part in the summer of 2011 after I finished writing my manuscript on the first 10 years of GYC history. I was trying to sort through everything I’d learned about the behind the scenes workings of GYC, my Church...