What do Adventist Millennials Believe about Women’s Ordination?

[box_holder background_color=”] I have a love for Millennials. At nearly 80 million in the United States alone, they comprise the largest generation in history, and will shape much of what takes place in our nation and around the world. Even though the Millennial generation (those born approximately between 1980 and 2000) outnumbers the Boomer generation in […]

Called to be Free

[box_holder background_color=”] I grew up in church. We went to church at least 3 times a week, sometimes more. Since my dad was also an evangelist, we had months were I spent most nights setting up the three carrousels of projector slides, along with a “dissolver” (Google it!).   I also set up the movie projector […]

“The Same”

[box_holder background_color=”] The hope of the whole world rests on the shoulders of a homeless man. The Baptist church in Redmond, OR greeted me with the warm glow of yellowing aged fluorescent fixtures casting a dull yellow light on a brown and gold carpet.  I walked past the tables that bore numerous CDs and peered […]

Somethings Happening: An Interview

[box_holder background_color=”] A few weeks ago we published a blog titled “The Self Murdering Church” by Suzanne Ocsai. While the first part of the article was originally written in 2011 it’s relevance has not waned. In fact, people are still sharing it and talking about it. However, interesting as “The Self-Murdering Church” may be it was not […]

Be Selfish!

[box_holder background_color=”] Maybe it is a gift… or, maybe it is a part of me that cries out for approval, possibly both… but I have always been a chaser. A pursuer. Not in a creepy, sketchy way, but a way in which I want others to know they are loved. When someone in need calls, I answer. […]

Dear Church

[box_holder background_color=”] Let’s talk about BLESSED. No, not #blessed—hot boyfriends and beauty vacations and big screen TVs. Let’s talk about the supernatural riches that God decided to give you just because you’re His. God’s servants, Paul & Sosthenes, write: I always give thanks to God for you because of His grace that He gave you […]

Christ is Enough, Served Plain.

[box_holder background_color=”] My husband likes bold flavors; so do I. Ever since I started making burgers at home — with peppers, onions, garlic, all that great stuff mixed right in — I can barely stomach the bland burger joints. But, if a burger joint is my only option, it has to be covered in all […]

Is It Okay if It’s Broken?

[box_holder background_color=”] “Is it okay if it’s broken?”  My car had fallen victim to the epic “Snowpocalypse,” also known as the “Great Dusting of 2014.”  There I was, gleefully enjoying the glory of the inch of snow I’d waited three years for, when a dog, also relishing the wonderful phenomena, jaunted right in front of […]

The Beauty of Healthy

[box_holder background_color=”] “Stop trying so hard to lose weight. You are a mother. You are busy. It’s exhausting. And you are beautiful anyway!” I really appreciate the fact that some people notice that I am a busy mother and I am exhausted. I also appreciate that people think I am beautiful regardless of my size. We […]