Adventist Celebrities and the Idiocy of it All

[box_holder background_color=”] Celebrity culture seems to follow us like the paparazzi follow the celebs themselves. The obsession with beautiful and wealthy strangers is odd, but we rarely think about it because it’s ubiquitous. The celebrity culture is waiting for you at every check-out aisle. It stalks you at bus shelters, follows you on Twitter, shows up […]

Why the Next General Conference President Should Be in Their 30s

[box_holder background_color=”] A few weeks ago was Global Youth Day in many churches.  At the AY program at my Spanish church, one of our Pathfinders gave a great presentation on an important figure in Adventism: John Nevin Andrews.  Andrews was the first Seventh-day Adventist overseas missionary and a great writer, leader, and scholar. One incredible detail […]

God’s Law Is Holier, and His Grace Greater, Than We Think

[box_holder background_color=”] We often describe God’s law with these words. Perfect. Good. Holy. Righteous. But there is another word the Bible uses. Broad. The psalmist wrote: “Your commandment is exceedingly broad” (New American Standard Bible, Psalm 119:96). For Christians, there are at least three implications for God’s law being broad. First, God’s law is broad in the […]

Long Distance Relationships and Jesus

[box_holder background_color=”] For the last three years, my fiancé and I have had the opportunity to enjoy the ups and downs of a long distance relationship. Since the moment we agreed to be exclusive with each other in this romantic, emotion-filled relationship, we knew long distance was waiting for us in the future because of […]

Should “A Rape On Campus” Matter To Faith?

[box_holder background_color=”] If you’re looking for an article on rape in any direct way, I suggest that you close this tab and search elsewhere (one great place to start is Dee Knight’s post from December “Why the Wait”). This is not an article on rape. It cannot be understated how extremely important rape, the treatment […]

Coma: A Pause Between Life and Death

[box_holder background_color=”] There was a flurry of activity surrounding his body – buzzing sounds, blinking lights, hands flying in and out of view. There was shouting. There was a panic. Then there was a silence. The noises and commotion had not stopped, but the patient’s heart did. An eerie, ringing silence muffled the background noise––death […]