Is Vegetarianism Killing Adventism?

[box_holder background_color=”] I was sitting on a plane heading east, drenched in paraphernalia from an Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) school in the west, when someone sitting next to me leaned in uncomfortably close to ask if I was SDA (the conversation quickly went south). When she asked if I was “a Sevy”, I plead guilty. […]

Cringe-free Worship Services

[box_holder background_color=”] If you’ve attended church for any length of time, you probably had a moment when you cringed when something inappropriate was said, someone acted a fool or a leader or pastor neglected to prepare for their part. When cringe-full moments happen the first people I think about are guests that might get the […]

Jesus Is the Center of Preaching, Not You [me]

[box_holder background_color=”] It’s Sabbath morning, 11:30 am. The pastor approaches the pulpit to speak. He buttons his suit jacket, lays his Bible open, has a solemn prayer, then preaches passionately and winsomely on the evils of rollerskating and the virtues of walking on two un-wheeled feet. He closes with a powerful charge: “Brothers and sisters, say […]

Be Careful, Little Ears

[box_holder background_color=”] The city windows reflect sunlight.  They illuminate the pocked and broken edges of sidewalk slabs laid end to end in a trailing grid that binds roads into blocks from which towers of steel and concrete shoot hundreds of feet into the sky.  Tires tread the streets and feet tread those sun-illuminated gray pathways.  […]

Is Your God Narrow?

[box_holder background_color=”] I served a boss who took a genuine interest in the well-being of every employee under him. He cared about our vocational well-being: He motivated us, and fought for our promotions. He cared about our financial well-being. He shared with us financial wisdom from his life experiences, and advised us to spend wisely. He cared […]

3 Things the Church Needs to Move Forward

[box_holder background_color=”] I love my church! I cannot stress that enough. I am a “home-bred” Seventh-day Adventist, and I would never have it any other way. Because of the immense love I have for this movement, it occasionally bothers me where we are right now. In the last 10 years, I have visited Seventh-day Adventist […]

This Sabbath, Celebrate Grace!

[box_holder background_color=”] Got pulled over by a cop for a traffic offense? You were guilty. You knew the penalty, the punishment. But wait. The officer turns to you, advises you to be mindful about traffic laws, and lets you off the hook. Just like that. Has it happened to you? It happened to me. If […]