August 2015

21 Aug 2015, in Culture

3 Realities That Frustrate A 2nd Generation Pastor

As you may or may not know, I work in a unique ministry setting in that I pastor in a bilingual district with both English and Spanish churches. Being a 2nd generation Hispanic who pastors a predominantly 1st generation church has its pros and cons. One...
07 Aug 2015, in Bible, Theology

Priest vs Pastor

In the long discussion concerning women’s ordination, I heard something which pricked my attention: a comparison between this debate and Korah’s Rebellion in Numbers 16. What intrigued me about this idea, aside from the disturbing ideas and logical fallacies, was the correlation drawn between priests...
06 Aug 2015, in Activism, Culture

Adventism and Activism

Nothing annoys me more in the context of activism than Christian activists who send a message of hate to the culture around them. You know what I am talking about: Picketers at LGBT events that hold up signs about how God hates homosexuals (though they...