06 Aug 2015, in Activism, Culture

Adventism and Activism

Nothing annoys me more in the context of activism than Christian activists who send a message of hate to the culture around them. You know what I am talking about: Picketers at LGBT events that hold up signs about how God hates homosexuals (though they...
20 Jan 2015, in Activism, Culture

I Have a Dream…Realized!

Become an activist building up the Kingdom of God! In your actions draw your brothers and sisters and family and friends (both real and spiritual) together. Think about how you can speak out about injustices while simultaneously building relationships even with your enemies.

18 Dec 2014, in Activism, Culture

Jesus Says #illridewithyou

When my wife told me about the Sydney cafe siege I found myself glued to the news for the remainder of the day. Candice and I prayed for the outcome hoping that everything would work out fine. Sadly, 2 innocent hostages were killed along with...
15 Dec 2014, in Activism, Culture

Why Christians Should Not Justify Torture

“You do not understand that it is better for you to have one man die for the people than to have the whole nation destroyed.” —Caiaphas (John 11.50) Substitute the word “tortured” in place of the word “die” in the above passage and you’ve got quite...