Be Selfish!

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Maybe it is a gift… or, maybe it is a part of me that cries out for approval, possibly both… but I have always been a chaser. A pursuer. Not in a creepy, sketchy way, but a way in which I want others to know they are loved.

When someone in need calls, I answer. When my husband wants a table of food and I am desperately tired and wish he could just make a bowl of cereal or his own sandwich, I still cook. When I receive a gift card to buy myself a treat, I spend it on loved ones who are in need… I typically call first, write first, buy the gift first, make the invite first, rescue someone first… As I am on my journey to better health, I realize how I keep getting myself in this situation where I am desperate to lose weight.

Putting others first is a beautiful gift. To live a selfless life, and loving others more than yourself…only God could help us live such a sacrificial life.

While I strive for this daily, and I truly enjoy giving to others more than I do myself, I am dangerously neglecting who I am; and if I am honest, I am a little bitter because I feel so unchased (this can be tackled in another post).

We forget about our health, not just physically but spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. When we forget, it takes its toll, and we end up binging on all kinds of vices to feel better. Mine = food;
especially chocolate!

It is not selfish to focus on you for the sake of improvement. Nor to have goals to achieve greatness. In that sense, I would echo the words of Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper “Sometimes it’s important to be selfish. What have you done for YOU lately?”[1]

Now of course, I’m not actually suggesting we be selfish in the sinful kind of way. Bob himself explained what he meant when he posted, “Taking care of yourself IS NOT selfish. Think about it. If you don’t care about yourself, how can you take care of anyone else!” I couldn’t agree more. [2]

God can use us so much more effectively when we live our lives to it’s fullest potential. Don’t grow weary in doing good for others. And don’t grow weary in doing good for you – in an
unselfish way. I guess a good way to sum it all up is like this: “Take the time to be unselfishly selfish.”

I need to remind myself of this daily: Stop. Slow down. Take a breath. Focus. Reconnect with yourself and your Maker. Then you can do even greater things for Him.

Here’s to another month, by the grace of God, of self-discovery, improvement, and successes.


photo credit: 2011 You Go Girl Half Marathon – Mile 2.7 via photopin (license)




The Beauty of Healthy

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“Stop trying so hard to lose weight. You are a mother. You are busy. It’s exhausting. And you are beautiful anyway!”

I really appreciate the fact that some people notice that I am a busy mother and I am exhausted. I also appreciate that people think I am beautiful regardless of my size. We need more people like this in the world. Really! I agree that you are beautiful, whether you are large, medium or small. We all are unique masterpieces with our own personality, character, gifts and talents. We ALL have something to offer in this life. We all are beautiful in many ways. However, beauty does not necessarily mean we are healthy.

I was shocked when I weighed myself the other day. I decided I would measure my weight loss success via body fat percentage as well as the number on the scale. (I also use clothing sizes to help me monitor my progress). I measured my body fat percentage and I was an astounding 41% body fat! FOURTY ONE! Almost half of me is pure fat. Do you realize that is not healthy? For my age, I am supposed to be around 19-25% body fat. So I have over 20% of unnecessary fat surrounding my organs.

I believe I am a beautiful soul. I have a lot to offer. But unless I make the choice to get healthy, before I get worse, I will not be able to offer myself in the most beautiful way possible – a healthy way. God deserves the best of me. So do those that I love. And lets not forget that I deserve the best of me as well. This isn’t about looks or vanity – its about health.

I am currently in week 1 of being more intentional about my health, clean eating, and exercise. I hope you will start to think about your health too, and make healthier choices if you haven’t already. I pray for God’s amazing grace to pour out on me, and each one of us as we make the choice to live and be healthier.

“Jesus be our strength. Be our self-control. Be our focus. Be our determination.”

By God’s grace we can do this!

Stay tuned for my weight loss journey results next week!

photo credit: Cohen.Jeffrey via photopin cc