His Church

14 Jul 2015, in Adventism, His Church

You’re Not Too Good for The Church

Every family has that one embarrassing member. Well, every family has at least one embarrassing member. -- A sister who snorts when she laughs and seems to laugh more than any normal person should. -- The uncle who has that terrible facial condition known as Unconscious Glare....
17 Mar 2015, in Culture, His Church

Take Me To Church

"Take Me To Church. I'll Worship Like a Dog at the Shrine of Your Lies. I'll Tell You My Sins so You Can Sharpen Your Knife. Offer Me My Deathless Death. Good God, Let Me Give You My Life." - Hozier I remember a bright...
16 Feb 2015, in His Church, Theology

Dear Church

Let's talk about BLESSED. No, not #blessed---hot boyfriends and beauty vacations and big screen TVs. Let's talk about the supernatural riches that God decided to give you just because you're His. God's servants, Paul & Sosthenes, write: I always give thanks to God for you...