08 Sep 2015, in Bible, Theology

My Father’s House

“In my Father’s house are many rooms.” Jesus statement in John 14 is one of the most treasured verses in all of the Bible and for good reason. The picture of Heaven and the future he has in store for us is held close to...
07 Aug 2015, in Bible, Theology

Priest vs Pastor

In the long discussion concerning women’s ordination, I heard something which pricked my attention: a comparison between this debate and Korah’s Rebellion in Numbers 16. What intrigued me about this idea, aside from the disturbing ideas and logical fallacies, was the correlation drawn between priests...
25 Jun 2015, in Faith, Theology

Unashamed Because of Mercy

I think stories are spiritual. They have the uncanny ability to hit the human’s mind and heart in a deep way that cold, hard facts can’t. Stories bring in and tie together complex truths of our world into a way that we can process it....