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The Battle of Church and Sex Part I

You don’t agree to keep your virginity because the church promises you a better marriage. You don’t agree to keep your virginity because that is what is going to keep you from having a divorce. You don’t agree to keep your virginity to avoid pregnancy or STD’s. You agree to keep your virginity because…

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Why the Wait

A great friend asked what a great many others have asked about the rape allegations against Bill Cosby: Why would a rape victim wait to disclose his/her assault?

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Into the Gray

Exploring sexuality and gender is a lot like going into the gray. The gray typically represents the unknown, the parts we haven’t explored either because we haven’t wanted to or needed to

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Oh! Gravity!

The band, Switchfoot, laments, “Oh, Gravity, / why can’t we seem to keep it together?” (ll.10,11). This lament strikes me so deeply right now, for with each passing Adventist Review article, or Ted Wilson sermon, or “I Support Women’s Ordination” post on Facebook, I see my denomination starting to strain.

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Commitment and Connection

“Meaningful relationships require presence and undivided attention. This is something that I’m finding more of a struggle to commit to as I become more “connected” to different forms of social media”

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3 Things Going Right in the NFL

Recent news in sports have put a damper on the games we all love and enjoy, but there is a whole lot of good going on in the sports world that is not getting the same front page headlines that domestic violence charges are.

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Of Separation and Censorship

We can empower our youth with tools of genuine discernment which go deeper than the over simplistic question of asking “Is this good for me to be watching or not?

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Culture Clash: Morphin Time

Every culture has Sacred Cows that need to be addressed. Yet, as the saying goes, “Sacred cows make great burgers!” Engaging in culture and being able to evaluate it for the good and the bad is what I hope you will learn as we journey together.

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